Spring Forward was made with the modesty and care that should be the hallmarks of American independent cinema.

-- A.O. Scott, New York Times

Fully realized….Moving…. Spring Forward leaves one with that rarest of feelings: a heightened awareness of the human capacity for good.

-- Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Time

Spring Forward is playwright-turned-filmmaker Tom Gilroy's magnificently understated character drama…a torrent of confession, tenderness and sensitivity… a story about the life beyond this movie, about the great. changes in life we never give ourselves time to consider. And for a moviegoing experience, that's a lot of bang for your buck.

-- Desson Howe, Washington Post

Intriguingly allusive…Rigorously precise, writer-director Tom Gilroy’s Spring Forward a is rich yet subtlety detailed character driven drama. [Gilroy] has a perfect- pitch ear for unaffectedly colloquial dialogue…

-- Joe Leydon, Variety

It's a gift to witness such masters at their craft.

-- Film Comment

A truly rare American film.

-- Desmond Ryan, Philadelphia Inquirer

Tom Gilroy's Spring Forward, is a pantheon of filmmaking talent.

-- The Editors, Filmmaker Magazine

A resonance that is moving beyond all measure.

-- Chuck Wilson, LA Weekly

A movie that defies commercialism in its sensitivity and pureness of heart; critics and audiences have clung to the film at U.S. festivals like a life preserver.

-- Katherine Dieckman, indieWIRE

Spring Forward exemplifies what American indies should be best at: modesty, attentive realism, conceptual rigor, believable performances, and a healthy, uncommercial respect for real people, real talk, and real life.

-- Michael Atkinson, Village Voice

Spring Forward boasts restraint and subtlety all too rare in today's cinema….

-- Frank Schenck, Hollywood Reporter

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