The Invisible Hand

As the title implies each monologue explored the effect of money (and attendant privilege) on people’s dreams, hopes, and the construction of their worldview. It was in this production I first worked with Nick Sandow, Catherine Kellner, Jason Weinberg and Ron Crawford, all of whom I worked with again. Jared Harris was originally slated to direct but was cast as the lead in a play on the other side of town so I had to step in.

Hazelle Goodman, Maggie Low, John Ventimiglia, Nick Sandow, Chris Rossi, Guillermo Diaz, Andrew Van Dusen, Harold Perrineau, Jason Weinberg, Ron Crawford. Not pictured: Catherine Kellner, Diane Kagan, Todd Colby, David Lansbury, Katrina Lantz. Photos by: Tom LeGoff