American Lesion

Michael Imperioli and John Ventimiglia backstage at American Lesion.

This play was a triptych incorporating an earlier piece I’d written that Lili directed starring Christopher Rossi, Fernando Gomes and I called Collateral Damage–the first ‘play’ I’d ever written. I have no idea where the idea came from, it just exploded out of me in a three day writing session in LA. I mailed hardcopies to Lili and Michael in NYC and Lili called and said ‘come back. We are putting this on and I am directing and paying for it.’ That began an uninterrupted writing period where I wrote four plays, fourteen one-acts, two films, and a collection of twelve monologues.

This is my favorite Machine Full poster, designed by Jon McCafferty from a photograph by me (it’s Jim McKay in the photo). The Times gave us a middling review but we were thrilled anyway—it was The New York Times! This production is where I met the amazing Maggie Low, one of my favorite actresses. I’ve worked with her on several projects, including Hamlet, where she played Gertrude.